The civilization you never knew existed.
It’s remnants are all over the world, same style, everywhere!
The Tartarians knew things that have been hidden from us, and it’s time to rediscover these things and help to free ourselves from the modern day struggles we find ourselves in. That is my only goal with this site…

Antiquitech/ free energy, "roman" architecture...

in your city, the remnants exist right now. post your pictures of local tartarian architecture, here, to www.newtartaria.com

We will be adding our own channel, but there are some great ones right now!

Many people, including those working in government buildings (many were old Tartary built), architects, builders of skyscrapers, and large equipment operators, are seriously questioning how these buildings were built by people in horse and buggy at the turn of the century…

Snap some shots of your local tartarian architecture, and upload them here to show others. We will be setting up a map so you can post the locations of your images for people to browse!


Nikola Tesla did not invent free energy. Technology remains on some of these Tartarian buildings (including Chateaus in France!) which were used to generate free energy to operate lights, heating, and more… Transportation also seemingly ran on free energy. Some links will be added HERE

There are strong indications that the Tartarians ate food, but had no need for it. The Palace of Versailles in France, and the Ponce deLeon hotel in St Augustine, Florida (Est. late 1400’s), had no sewage systems, alongside marvels of architecture that are unmatched in the modern era! Like Hilton Hotema talks about in his book Circa 1959-1962: “Man’s Higher Consciousness”, cellular biology proves that our body is not fed by food. There are modern day proofs of this science, some hard to read (Russian dry fasting experiments from Dr Filinov as one example), some from testimonials. More to come on this, including some audio clips.

All we seem to find in books now are quotes from these old texts that have been seemingly hidden from us, but these people likely lived with this wisdom as a common sense. They were apparently very advanced, tapped into their spirit, living to be hundreds of years old and more… Some texts exist but are hard to find. I will be making audio books and reprints of these, here!

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